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Email migration is a process where we can migrate one or multiple email messages at a time. Here all the data is transferred in an email from one account to another. It’s not as simple as it sounds, we might lose the important data, for instance. Therefore the migration of mails is done when a company is merging or wants to use a new email service provider.

There are various types of migration some of them are

  • Email migration of IBM Lotus Notes to O365/Exchange
  • Email migration of Gmail to O365/Exchange/icloud/zoho
  • Mail migration of yahoo to Gmail
  • Email migration of Godaddy to O365/G-Suite/Gmail

So, one should know the limits for an email migration to make sure that performance and behaviour are the same as expected after migration of Gmails.

Benefits of moving to Office 365

Moving to the cloud can be a big decision for any company and some companies are hesitant to switch to office 365 as they need to relocate the data but office 365 is an entirely cloud-based system. The data is backed up on a regular basis and replicated globally so that outages will not affect end users or risk data loss and data remains private to only the people designated to work with it.

Major advantages of moving to a cloud-based system like office 365 are: It allows users to access or work anywhere even single or multiple users can easily collaborate. Subscription-based payment and mix & match plans are available, and also gives access to the latest programs. It provides robust security and reliability.

We believe in rapid, incremental implementations of process-based business applications and to know how an office 365 migration can benefit your business, contact us.Click to know how we have migrated for the recent client.